Important Information for Student Intake in 2017 and corresponding Application Periods

Update 13.07.2017:
MARIHE Consortium would like to inform that the grant proposal for funding of MARIHE as an Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree (for student intake in 2017) has been placed on the RESERVE list (1st place). This means that MARIHE is not among the selected programmes and that unfortunately the funding is not guaranteed.
Being placed on the reserve list, there is a chance that MARIHE programme will receive further funding (due to drop-outs of other programmes from the main list or due to additional budget) - but this chance is rather limited. The latest point of time for being promoted to the Erasmus Mundus main list is 31 October 2017.
Therefore, MARIHE Consortium will probably not be able to offer Erasmus+/ErasmusMundus scholarships for student intake 2017MARIHE Consortium plans to prepare a new grant proposal for the next Erasmus Mundus call in 2018.
Please follow our website for upcoming news on this.

MARIHE consortium is preparing a grant application to the Erasmus+ for funding of MARIHE as an Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree funding for student intake in 2017 and beyond. The grant application will be submitted until February 2017, and we expect notice from Erasmus+ Programme in July 2017. The new grant application will imply changes to the curriculum as well as to the group of consortium partners.

By submitting a student application for intake in 2017 the applicant acknowledges that at the moment Erasmus+ / Erasmus Mundus Scholarships for students cannot be guaranteed by MARIHE consortium and that important characteristics of MARIHE programme may change until AND after application deadline, due to the above mentioned grant application. This may affect e.g. the curriculum, the consortium partners and semester hosts as well as the mobility paths in MARIHE.

A list of changes decided by MARIHE consortium will be displayed below and pages of this website will be updated accordingly and ongoing.

Deadline changed to 28th February 2017

Our consortium was informed that as an already existing Erasmus Mundus programme intending to re-apply for funding (and scholarships) in the ongoing Erasmus Mundus JMD call and intending to start under the new funding with a student intake in 2017, we will have to submit the lists with suggested scholarship holders NOT until end of February of the year of student intake (as in recent years), but only after we have received official notice that our new MARIHE proposal has been selected. This official notice on selection is expected in July 2017. Because we now have more time for student selection, we decided to postpone the deadline to 28th February 2017.

We plan to publish the new curriculum and other information about the new MARIHE programme (e.g. regarding specializations) latest middle of January 2017, so applicants will be able to revise some of your application documents according to this information. We strongly advice all applicants to wait for these documents before submitting an application.

(Information published 24.11.2017)


MARIHE Consortium is proud to anounce that for the Erasmus+ grant application prepared for 2017 it will invite the following universities to join the consortium as full partners:

(Information published 27.10.2017)

Specializations and Mobility

MARIHE Consortium plans to develop and enrich MARIHE curriculum and introduce four specializations:

  • Institutional Research (specialization lead by Danube University Krems)
  • Research and Innovation (specialization lead by University of Tampere)
  • Leadership and Change (specialization lead by University of Applied Sciences Osnabrück)
  • Learning and Teaching (specialization lead by Eötvös Loránd University)

Students can select the specialization of their choice and will spend the time for the two specialization modules (3rd semester, after field trip to Asia) and 4th semester (master thesis) at the institution leading the specialization.

(Information updated 24.11.2017)

Start of the programme in 2017

Due to the grant application as described above and the fact that notice by Erasmus+ Programme is expected for July 2017, the programme start of intake 2017 will be earliest in the second half of September 2017, to give all candidates time to prepare visa, admission and travel issues. In the past the programme start was in August.

MARIHE consortium will inform scholarship applicants in May 2017 on the assessment of their application and on their chances to receive an Erasmus+ scholarship for intake 2017.

(Information updated 24.11.2017)


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