Not only did MARIHE provide me with a valuable academic experience from a strong consortium of universities, but the diverse cultural and social experiences gained throughout the two years provided valuable skills and competences for all aspects of life and many cherished memories.


Due to MARIHE I could learn from esteemed researchers and practitioners from the field, which was highly beneficial for my current job, analysing international, regional and national higher education policy development.


I took a leave of absence to study in the MARIHE programme. The intercultural experience gained from studying among the group of international students in 4 different countries helps me every day at my new position.

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I think that graduating from MARIHE was a major transition from someone who shows just sporadic interest in the field of higher education to a trained higher educational scholar and passionate educationalist, prepared to provide a lead on higher educational improvement issues.

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The MARIHE focus on research and analysis was instrumental in improving my academic writing skill, which shaped my career path in higher education research.

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MARIHE is an incredibly well connected program to both current research and policy actors in the field of higher education. The internship I underwent as part of the program in my case contributed to the formation of significant professional contacts.


With graduation from MARIHE I wanted achieve expertise in the field of education and gain more knowledge and practice in developing research in the social sciences. Additionally, I ambitioned to have a sound living experience in a multicultural environment.

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There are different forms of cooperation with the MARIHE programme of which the internship is just one element.

The Science-to-Business Marketing Research Centre at Münster University of Applied Sciences in Germany ( specializes in the areas of innovation, entrepreneurship and university-business cooperation in higher education.