Internship Host Institutions

Every student in MARIHE programme will get a first-hand insight into the management and development of research and innovation in higher education through an internship. The internship is a credit-bearing element of MARIHE curriculum.

The following institutions have been internship hosts in MARIHE so far (selection):

  • FFG – Austrian Research Promotion Agency, Vienna/Austria (Associated Partner of MARIHE)
  • HIS-HE - Institute for Higher Education Development, Hannover/Germany (Associated Partner of MARIHE)
  • CHE Consult GmbH, Berlin/Germany (Associated Partner of MARIHE)
  • OECD IMHE Programme - The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, Institutional Management in HE, Paris/France (Associated Partner of MARIHE)
  • EFMD - European Foundation for Management Development, Brussels/Belgium (Associated Partner of MARIHE)
  • TAU - International Tampere University, Tampere/Finland
  • FINEEC - Finnish Education Evaluation Center for Higher Education, Helsinki/Finland
  • UHR - The Swedish Council for Higher Education, Stockholm/Sweden
  • CHEPS - Center for Higher Education Policy Studies, Enschede/The Netherlands
  • UM - University of Maribor, Office of the Rectorate, Maribor/Slovenia
  • UniPID - The Finnish University Partnership for International Development, Jyväskylä/Finland
  • EDUFI - Finnish National Agency of Education, Helsinki/Finland
  • BIF - The Baltic Institute of Finland, Tampere/Finland
  • FBC - Fulbright Center Finland, Helsinki/Finland
  • SFERC - Sino-Finnish Research Centre, Tampere/Finland
  • OTUS - Research Foundation for Studies and Education, Helsinki/Finland
  • TaSTI - Tampere Centre for Knowledge, Science, Technology and Innovation Studies, Tampere/Finland
  • SYL - National Union of University Students in Finland, Helsinki/Finland
  • ESC - Education Strategy Center of the Ministry of Education, Addis Ababa/Ethiopia
  • OU - Open University of the Netherlands, Welten Institute, Herlen/The Netherlands
  • EAIR - The European Association for Institutional Research, Amsterdam/The Netherlands
  • DITA - Deusto International Tuning Academy, Bilbao/Spain
  • EUA - European University Association, Brussels/Belgium
  • CEP - Centre for Education Policy, Belgrade/Serbia
  • CWTS - Centre for Science and Technology Studies, Leiden University, Leiden/The Netherlands
  • Shorelight Education, School of Business and Entrepreneurship, Bath Spa University, Bath/United Kingdom
  • CHEGG - Centre for Higher Education Governance Ghent, University of Ghent/Belgium
  • AIT - Austrian Institute of Technology, Vienna/Austria