We are thrilled to announce that our Erasmus Mundus proposal for MARIHE (Master in Research and Innovation in Higher Education) has been successfully selected by the European Commission for funding!

MARIHE is embarking on an exciting next chapter with a revamped curriculum, including a new specialization in "Policy Analysis." Our consortium is expanding to include the University of Aveiro in Portugal as a new partner, bringing fresh insights into higher education, innovation, and research for all involved. Additionally, Beijing Normal University and Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology will host students for their master’s thesis and award degrees in the upcoming round. Together with our partners also including Tampere University, University of Applied Sciences Osnabrück, Eötvös Loránd University Budapest and associate partners we are looking forward to continuing our master to improve and support higher education all around the world.

The next student intake with available Erasmus Mundus scholarships is set for 2025, with the application period opening this autumn.

Stay tuned for more updates on our website. Exciting times are ahead!

MARIHE is proud to have been part of the Erasmus Mundus 20th Anniversary Conference in Brussels, May 2024 (cf. Erasmus Mundus 20th Anniversary Conference - Marihe - Master in Research and Innovation in Higher Education):

  • Academic Director Prof. Attila Pausits was invited as speaker:



  • Slide to present the program:



  • Poster on impacts:



As part of the MARIHE program, our MARIHE-8 students of the Institutional Research specialisation had the opportunity to visit University of Georgia (UGA)'s Louise McBee Institute of Higher Education in February 2024.

The week was filled with insightful discussions and memorable visits. Exploring the Delta Innovation Hub, engaging in discussions with colleagues from the Institutional Research Office, interacting with Louise McBee Institute of Higher Education's students and faculty, and with professionals from the University System of Georgia - these were truly inspiring and unforgettable experiences for our students, not to mention the vibrant campus atmosphere!

MARIHE students had a unique opportunity to explore and experience diverse higher education systems through a further international and multicultural experience that we hope will broaden and shape their perspectives in higher education and research.

“Beyond Borders and Boundaries”

On the 27th and 28th of May, 2024, the 20th anniversary celebrations of the Erasmus Mundus program took place at the Plaza Hotel in Brussels.

The first day highlighted the journey of the Erasmus Mundus program and focused on the successes of the last 20 years. Among the invited guests was Prof. Attila Pausits in his role as academic coordinator of MARIHE (Master in Research and Innovation in Higher Education). Together with other coordinators he discussed how Erasmus Mundus Joint Master programmes contribute to excellence, global visibility and inclusiveness. The Department for Higher Education Research at University for Continuing Education Krems was also represented with a poster and a presentation of the MARIHE program through Dr. Sina Westa in her role as course director.

The second day ventured a look into the future. In various discussion groups, the possible further developments and future scenarios of the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master program were designed and reflected upon.

The event also offered many opportunities for networking between different stakeholders and Master programs and for joint reflection on the past 20 years. A positive view of the coming decades and congratulations for the Erasmus Mundus program were also not neglected.

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MARIHE Consortium would like to inform that a new grant proposal for MARIHE has been submitted to Erasmus+ (Erasmus Mundus Joint Master programmes) in February 2024. In this proposal, a new partner - the University of Aveiro, Portugal - will join the MARIHE Consortium, and Beijing Normal University/China and Thapar Institute for Engineering and Technology/India will become degree awarding partners for the first time.

If the application is successful, the next student intake with available Erasmus+/Erasmus Mundus scholarships would be in October 2025. The application period for the participation in MARIHE with Erasmus+/Erasmus Mundus scholarships for student intake 2025 would start after summer 2024 (appr. August – November 2024).

The application period for the participation in MARIHE as a self-funded student (without Erasmus Mundus scholarship) for student intake 2025 would start in spring 2025 (appr. March - May 2025).

We expect the notification regarding the success of our new proposal during July 2024. Please follow our website for current news and information.