MARIHE team would like to inform about the

Call for Proposals: 9th International Russian Higher Education Conference “Universities in search of a balance between new and familiar goals”.

Submission of applications is open now! Please visit for detailed Conference application & participation requirements and other relevant information.

The Conference will be held in Moscow on October 24–25, 2018. The organizers invite researchers and experts to participate in discussions about current trends in global education. The Programme Committee also welcomes proposals in other areas of higher education studies under the open track.

The deadline for submitting proposals is May 1, 2018 (23:59 hrs. CET).  

Should you have any questions or queries regarding the Conference, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


We are delighted to invite you to submit a paper to the 40th Annual EAIR Forum, which is to be hosted by the Central European University Budapest, Hungary.


The Forum will be held in the main campus of the Central European University, in the very center of Budapest from 26 till 29 August 2018.

To submit your proposal, click on:

The deadline for submission of paper proposals is Monday 26 February 2018 (23:59 hrs. CET).

Visit for detailed information and updates about the 2018 EAIR Forum.

We are looking forward to receiving your contribution,

On behalf of the 2018 EAIR Budapest Forum Program Committee:

Liviu Matei (Forum Chair) - Provost and Pro-Rector, Central European University, Budapest

Matyas Szabo (Forum Co-Chair) - Senior manager, Yehuda Elkana Center for Higher Education, Central European University, Budapest

Attila Pausits - EAIR Executive Committee, Danube University Krems, Austria

Rosalind Pritchard - EAIR Executive Committee, University of Ulster, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom


MARIHE Consortium would like to inform that the grant proposal for funding of MARIHE as an Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree (for student intake in 2017) has been placed on the RESERVE list (1st place). This means that MARIHE is not among the selected programmes and that unfortunately the funding is not guaranteed.

Being placed on the reserve list, there is a chance that MARIHE programme will receive further funding (due to drop-outs of other programmes from the main list or due to additional budget) - but this chance is rather limited. The latest point of time for being promoted to the Erasmus Mundus main list is 31 October 2017.

Therefore, MARIHE Consortium will probably not be able to offer Erasmus+/ErasmusMundus scholarships for student intake in 2017.

MARIHE Consortium plans to prepare a new grant proposal for the next Erasmus Mundus call in 2018.

Please follow our website for upcoming news on this.

MARIHE Consortium would like to inform that a new grant proposal for MARIHE will be prepared and submitted to Erasmus+ programme (Erasmus Mundus joint master degree programmes) in February 2018.

We will apply for a preparatory year, i.e. that if the proposal is successful, the next student intake with available Erasmus+/ErasmusMundus scholarships would be in August 2019The application period for the participation in MARIHE with Erasmus+/ErasmusMundus scholarships for student intake 2019 would start after summer 2018 (appr. August - December 2018).

For 2018, we are planning a student intake with an application period open approximately from February until April 2018. Erasmus+/ErasmusMundus scholarships cannot be offered for the student intake 2018. Additionally, single module studies will be offered (appr. from August to December 2018), which interested applicants can participate in at their own costs. The credits can later be transferred to MARIHE. For more information, please see

Please follow our website for current news and information.

The student selection for MARIHE-6 (applications with Erasmus Mundus scholarship*) for the student intake in September 2017 is completed. All applicants have been notified by MARIHE secretariat on their current state of application and their placement on the scholarship main or reserve list.

We would like to thank every applicant for his/her efforts.

Please note that the application for self-paying students is open until 31st May 2017. Visit the part of our website with information on external sources of funding.

*Please read The Important Information for Student Intake in 2017 and corresponding Application Periods