To apply to the MARIHE programme, applicants need to fulfil certain requirements. Please read this section as well as the other sections under “How to apply” as well as the section FAQ carefully.

Applicants to the MARIHE programme

  • must hold a first university degree
    This should be at least a Bachelor degree issued by a university, quantified as three years of studies corresponding to 180 ECTS (information on ECTS).
    Or, if ECTS is not used in the country where first degree was acquired: proof of a successfully completed period of study at higher education level considered comparable with a Bachelor’s degree. The decision on this will be made by the MARIHE Consortium.

  • show a strong motivation and interest
    to learn and work in the field of development and management of research and innovation in higher education.

Other acceptable ways of indicating English language proficiency are:

  • proof of a bachelor's degree or a master’s degree delivered in English from a university in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the United Kingdom or United States, excluding MBA degrees and online degrees, with the applicant having stayed in the respective country when studying for the degree.
  • proof of secondary education conducted in English language in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom or United States.

In addition to submitting proof of an adequate degree or secondary education as described, applicants may also be interviewed before being exempted.

Please also note:

- An English language test certificate you have taken in the past may have expired (usually after two years). We kindly advise you to check on your certificate.

- Work experience is not an admission requirement. However, work experience can be a strong advantage for an application, especially if it has been acquired working for (higher) education institutions. To have work experience acknowledged, applicants should clearly state it in their CV and hand in a confirmation of their employer with their electronic application. This confirmation should preferably describe the type of work experience (function and responsibilities) and include a judgement of the applicant's skills.