MARIHE suggests (but does not claim any connection with) the following external funding & scholarships providers.

Starting the search

For students, who wish to find a scholarship besides Erasmus Mundus, we suggest some starting points for doing research in the language of your country of origin/citizenship:

  • Ministries
  • Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy
  • Federal Ministry of Education and Research
  • Federal Ministry of Education and Cultural Affair
  • Public sector entities
  • Scientific institutions
  • Scientific councils or management and humanities councils
  • National Erasmus Local Agency
  • Office of International Studies- (at your local universities or alma mater)
  • National and international banks
  • Companies  (e.g. in fields related to the study course)
  • Crowd-Funding: MARIHE provides advice how to use crowdfunding for self-funded participation. We explain to applicants how to employ crowd-funding for reaching out to private donors and suggest platforms that are trustworthy. The consortium will promote this measure especially towards recognized refugees and seek assistance in this from national organisations concerned with refugee support. 

Suggested keywords for research*:

  • scholarship
  • fellowship
  • educational/study grant
  • educational/study grant agency
  • academic mobility
  • study abroad
  • international cooperation on research/education/science
  • national exchange service for graduates (postgraduates)
  • research funding
  • EU-education program
  • innovation transfer projects
  • research fellowship

Possible content specialities covered in MARIHE (depending on mobility, internship and Master Thesis topic)*:

  • Educational policy and research
  • Management
  • Higher education policy
  • International development
  • Project management
  • Human resources management
  • Higher education studies
  • Innovation management
  • Internationalization
  • European integration
  • Regional cooperation
  • Diversity management
  • Regional development
  • Policy Analysis

Scholarship Databases

This list provides you with a selection of foundations where students can apply for a scholarship. Be aware that the MARIHE Consortium has no further information on the scholarships nor any influence on the application procedure of the foundations mentioned.

 Examples of funding: country of study*



Examples of funding: student's country of origin*








 Other institutions

*) those listed are just some of the examples

You found a resource which is not listed? Share the information with us (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Thank you!