Assessment of Applications

All eligible applications to MARIHE will be reviewed by members of the MARIHE Consortium. The reviewers will assess:

  • The applicant’s academic quality, judged primarily from the results of prior university studies.
  • The applicant’s motivation and justification of the application in relation to prior studies, work experience (if applicable) and future career plans towards the aims of MARIHE, judged from the letter of motivation in combination with CV and the two letters of recommendation.
  • The applicant’s personal skills, judged from the results of prior studies and the letters of recommendation.

The three review criteria will be weighed as follows:

  • Academic quality = 40% (points are doubled)
  • Motivation and justification = 40% (points are doubled)
  • Personal skills = 20%

The scores from the review will form a ranked list of applications which will be used for student selection by the MARIHE Admission Board. In the event that two or more applications on this ranked list show the same score the Admission Board will decide on their ranking.