Contributing to MARIHE as a Visiting Scholar/Lecturer

As the field of research and innovation in higher education has many relations to other disciplines, MARIHE would like to invite scholars/lecturers from subjects like business administration, economics, sociology, psychology, political sciences and education/pedagogy to teach in MARIHE programme. For the list of modules, cf. MARIHE curriculum.

Invited scholars will teach subjects of their expertise or support students when writing their Master Theses. They will have special sessions with students to discuss state-of-the-art issues and emerging topics and will be invited to publish in the MARIHE e-journal.

To contribute to MARIHE, invited scholars should

  • have expertise in a field relevant to the topic of the modules of MARIHE programme (as academic, manager or practitioner)
  • have experience in university teaching at graduate level and in English language

Find more information in the application form (see below on this page).

Scholarships for Visiting Scholars/Lecturers

Scholars teaching in MARIHE programme can obtain an "Erasmus Mundus scholarship for visiting scholars".

The formal requirements are:

  • Visiting scholars can come from anywhere in the world (with respect to their nationality and to country of residence) and go to any of the six full partners in MARIHE (cf. Consortium). Spending the scholarship at the own institution is not allowed.
  • Scholars should spend a minimum of one day at one of the consortium partner institutions.
  • A minimum academic qualification (e.g. PhD/doctoral degree) is not required.

The teaching activities can include research and other activities like student tutoring.

The Erasmus Mundus scholarship for scholars will be paid as a living allowance of € 1 200/week. After their stay, scholars are asked to write a short report (template will be provided).

To apply for an Erasmus Mundus Scholarship as Visiting Scholar (Lecturer), please use the following application form:

Application Form for MARIHE Visiting Scholars (version 2021)