MARIHE Alumni*

Graduating from Erasmus Mundus Joint Master in Research and Innovation in Higher Education means entering into a diverse community of accomplished individuals. Whether you stay in Europe or move to a different country, and regardless of the professional career path you choose, you will always find the support of the MARIHE Alumni community.

MARIHE Alumni has been connecting graduates worldwide to one another and to their alma mater. Each graduate automatically becomes a member with graduation day. Together with International and Alumni offices of the Consortium partners, MARIHE Alumni are being provided with career services, professional and social networking opportunities, contributing to the development of further services, and continuing education. In addition, the Alumni are being brought together with current students and the faculty.

There are many ways to stay involved, participating in regional chapters of Erasmus Mundus Association, networking, and becoming a MARIHE Ambassador. Whether it is for career development and possibilities, new grant opportunities, travel advice, or post-grant activities, MARIHE Alumni and students are always ready to help each other.

Graduation Success

Quality support in study matters, and in raising the cohesiveness of the cohorts, proves to be the corner stone of MARIHE. The programme has a graduation success rate (GSR) of over 90%.

MARIHE Master Thesis Webinars 

  • be participative, enabling attendees to ask questions, make comments and receive regular updates and resources before, during and after the seminar
  • encourage peer-learning and reflection
  • develop relevant insights for attendees to take back and use

The webinar will take place with Adobe Connect, and it will be recorded. Visit the meeting room here.

Career paths

MARIHE Programme has a proven track record of preparing students for expert management positions, and PhD career paths: Testimonials.


*) MARIHE Alumni (as of March 2017)

Mr ABEBE, Rediet Tesfaye (Ethiopia)
Mr AVRAMOVIC, Aleksandar (Serbia)
Mr BALYASIN, Mikhail (Russian Federation)
Mrs BILANISHVILI, Salome (Georgia)
Mrs BOGUNOVIC, Zana (Serbia)
Mr CARVALHO, Luis (Portugal)
Mrs CALUGAREANU, Simona (Romania)
Mrs CELIK, Elif (Turkey)
Mrs CESAR, Layla (Brazil)
Mrs CHEN, Ruixue (China)
Mrs CLARK, Damaris (United Kingdom)
Mr DENG, Xin (China)
Mr GALEVSKI, Martin (Macedonia*)
Mr GARCIA, Alfred Rafael (Philippines)
Mr GAROMSSAA, Habtamu Diriba (Ethiopia)
Mr GEBREMESKEL, Haftu Hindeya (Ethiopia)
Mrs GODONOGA, Ana (Moldova)
Mr GREEN, Paul (United Kingdom)
Mrs GUTIERREZ VITE, Laura (Mexico)
Mrs HUSEN, Marsela Giovani (Indonesia)
Mrs HA, Thanh Binh (Vietnam)
Mrs HOLUBEK, Vesna (Serbia)
Mrs JAKSA, Krisztina (Hungary)
Mr KADERY, Raihan Mahmood (Bangladesh)
Mrs LAI, Xin (China)
Mrs LONG, Wanqiu (China)
Mrs LOPEZ ACUNA, Guadalupe (Argentina)
Mrs LU, Meijia (China)
Mr MAES, Jon (United States, student representative)
Mrs MAXWELL STUART, Rebecca (United Kingdom, student representative)
Mrs MIHUT, Georgiana (Romania)
Mrs MIKALAYEVA, Katsiaryna (Belarus)
Mr MILUTINOVIC, Milos (Serbia)
Mrs MIN, Hwa Hyun (Republic of Korea)
Mrs NESTOROWICZ, Natalia (Austria)
Mr NGUYEN, Thanh Tung (Viet Nam)
Mrs PASHAYEVA, Aytaj (Azerbaijan)
Mrs PEI, Min (China)
Mr PUNCO, Patrik (Slovakia)
Mrs SAVANOVIC, Jovana (Slovenia)
Mrs SHAYDOROVA, Gunsyma (Russian Federation)
Mrs SHURGAIA, Mariam (Georgia)
Mrs SUN, Qi (China)
Mrs SWANSON, Anne Christina (United Kingdom)
Mrs TERCANLI, Hacer (Turkey)
Mr TRAN, Long Dinh Thanh (Viet Nam)
Mr TRAVELLER, Andrew Gary (New Zealand, student representative)
Mr WOLDEGIYORGIS, Ayenachew Assefa (Ethiopia)
Mrs YASMIN, Nowreen (Bangladesh)
Mrs ZALYEVSKA, Inga (Ukraine)
Mrs ZHANG, Ying (China)
Mrs ZHENG, Gaoming (China)

Latest News

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Andy Traveller, consultant, World Bank
Andy Traveller, consultant, World Bank

Not only did MARIHE provide me with a valuable academic experience from a strong consortium of universities, but the d ...

Salome Bilanishvili, Head of the Office of Foreign Relations
Salome Bilanishvili, Head of the Office of Foreign Relations

I took a leave of absence to study in the MARIHE programme. The intercultural experience gained from studying among th ...

Ayenachew Woldegiyorgis, Consultant, World Bank
Ayenachew Woldegiyorgis, Consultant, World Bank

Due to MARIHE I could learn from esteemed researchers and practitioners from the field, which was highly beneficial fo ...

Luis Carvalho, Accreditation analyst
Luis Carvalho, Accreditation analyst

With graduation from MARIHE I wanted achieve expertise in the field of education and gain more knowledge and practice ...

Martin Galevski, PhD, University of Oxford
Martin Galevski, PhD, University of Oxford

I think that graduating from MARIHE was a major transition from someone who shows just sporadic interest in the field of ...

Georgiana Mihut, PhD, Boston College
Georgiana Mihut, PhD, Boston College

MARIHE is an incredibly well connected program to both current research and policy actors in the field of higher educa ...

Rediet Tesfaye Abebe, PhD, University of Tampere
Rediet Tesfaye Abebe, PhD, University of Tampere

The MARIHE focus on research and analysis was instrumental in improving my academic writing skill, which shaped my caree ...

YE Jujan, Beijing Normal University
YE Jujan, Beijing Normal University

Being a lecturer in the MARIHE program is one of the most unforgettable experiences in my teaching career. The student ...

Patricio V. Langa, Eduardo Mondlane University
Patricio V. Langa, Eduardo Mondlane University

My teaching and research in the MARIHE programme has been a valuable source of inspiration and motivation for our own ...

Jim Fairweather, Michigan State University
Jim Fairweather, Michigan State University

It has been my pleasure to teach in the MARIHE program. ...

Manja Klemenčič, Harvard University
Manja Klemenčič, Harvard University

MARIHE attracts excellent students, who are most innovative in their choices of thesis research topic. I had a privile ...


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MARIHE Master Thesis Webinars

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